Git Visualisation with Git revision tree

There are many tools that help you visualise a git repo, like gitk, gitg, git log. But when recently I was looking in to a project that got very complex git branching stuctures, none of this could visually illustrate a branching graph. Something like revision tree in SVN or Clearcase. There are few attempts to better visualise a git branching like the GitRevisionTree project from crc8 .

GitRevisionTree is written in .Net, was not readily compiling on Linux (ubuntu). So I forked it and ported it to linux and added instructions to build it. Until the fork is pulled upstream , you can get the Linux ported version from

sudo apt-get install mono-devel graphviz
git clone
cd GitVersionTree
xbuild /p:Configuration=Release

Its Little tricky file browsing from a .net app on Linux. So Am adding a screenshot as well.

gitrevisiontree select repository
gitrevisiontree select repository

To See a sample visualisation go here

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