Run Tweetdeck on Linux without Adobe air.

In my recent post , I had cribbed about why Am ditching Tweetdeck for Gwibber. Primarily it’s because am not getting any more Adobe Air updates for Linux. But there is good news. Twitter which acquired  Tweetdeck this year, has released native ( that means no more Adobe Air dependency) versions of the sotftware on Windows and Mac. But no release yet for Linux. Then how can this be a good news. Well , apparently , the Windows native version runs decently well on Linux over Wine. Wine lets you run Windows software on other operating systems.

Here is the instruction to get Tweetdeck 1.0 running on Ubuntu 11.0. For RPM  based ditros like Fedora use yum (appropriately) instead of apt-get.
First upgrade the Wine package to the latest. This is not required , but it is better to always use the latest Wine to get the best performance. AS on date wine-1.3.34 is the latest stable version for Ubuntu 11.10
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine

Now, download the latest Tweetdeck from It will be a .msi file eg. TweetDeck_1_0.msi
wine msiexec /i TweetDeck_1_0.msi
This will launch the installer. clik on install.
The tweetdeck is ready to be used . You can select it from you GUI or start it in command line as follows.
wine  ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Twitter/TweetDeck/TweetDeck.exe

There are however few quirks.the notification window doesn’t pop up always. Something That I hope Wine will fix  soon.


4 Replies to “Run Tweetdeck on Linux without Adobe air.”

  1. The new Tweetdeck doesn't use Air and it also lacks most of the functionality of the old Air Tweetdeck. I initially thought that Tweetdeck on Linux had died. Now I see that Tweetdeck on all platforms has died.

    On Linux you can still run the old Tweetdeck or you can run the HTML5 one in Chrome. If you run the old Tweetdeck on Linux you have as good as on Mac or Windoze and if you run the HTML5 one you do too.

  2. babystrangeloop,
    you are right . The native version nor the chrome app is not feature rich as the AIR version . But am sure it will be added in the coming month.

    My problem with old Tweetdeck was that it was not displaying Indic characters properly. Now that the Old Tweetdeck and Adobe Air for Linux are scrapped, there is no hope to fix it. Wondering why they didn't release the old Tweetdeck code as Opensource. Native app on Linux displays Indic characters properly.

  3. I tried both Wine 1.2, Wine 1.3, and the new Beta release, but it keeps locking my system up solid when I try to install Tweetdeck. Any thoughts?

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