Tools required for meaningful Human computer interaction in Indic Languages

Am trying to consolidate all the different type of language and interaction tools required to make computer better at understanding and interacting in human languages. I have captured it as a mind map in Xmind . This will be a living document and welcome any suggestions on tools / technologies that I have missed.

Interestingly most of the technologies like nlp, speech recognition and speech translation are still at very nascent stage. But sadly there is hardly any research being done for Indian / Indic languages like Hindi , Tamil etc. some technologies are relevant to only Indic languages for example Symbol translation. Languages like Tamil owing to its ancient nature, have different scripts at different stages of its evolution , namely Brahmi-tamil script, vateluthu (வட்டெழுத்து), modern script. Symbol translators convert a text from ancient script to modern script of the same language.



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