Productivity increasing FOSS/Free softwares!

This is my first blog post and I am wondering what to write. Ok, Let me share the FOSS/Free softwares I used and tested. All these softwares helped me considerably increase my productivity and made working with computers a less irritating feeling. I am not including popular free softwares like firefox, winamp etc. because they are already popular 😉

FOSS (Free and open source software)

Text/Code editor:Notepad++ is a powerful editor with syntax highlighting, tabbed interface, multiple views per window, plug-ins etc.

Image editor: GIMP. every open source geek knows about his software. It has most of the functionalities of Adobe Photoshop.

Audio Editor: Audacity. Powerful cross-platform sound editor

FTP client: FileZilla. Simple and lightweight FTP client

Compression Software: 7-Zip. Better compression ratio than Winzip and Winrar

Free Software

Image viewer: Irfan View. flexible image viewer. Can open most of the image formats.

Rss Feed Reader: GreatNews. Very powerful and user friendly Rss reader.

Disclaimer: I use a P4 with 1GB RAM and all these softwares
work without hassle on my machine. I am just recommending them. Read the system requirements in the software’s home page before trying to install it.