Microsoft gives software for Free! Surprised!

I am not talking about the vista beta download. I am talking about Microsoft power toys. Though, micorosft has released it long back for Windows XP, few non techies knew about it. Power toys are softwares developed my Microsoft to add some nice feature to existing components in Windows XP. But these softwares are not supported by Microsoft and hence are not part of service packs. But trust me , they never crashed my system.

Got bored with the old Silver, Blue and Olive themes of Windows XP? Afraid to install any third party themes? Here is a new theme from Microsoft for the Windows XP users. Microsoft Royale theme. But there is a catch. You need to go through the Genuinity check to download this theme.

Productivity increasing FOSS/Free softwares!

This is my first blog post and I am wondering what to write. Ok, Let me share the FOSS/Free softwares I used and tested. All these softwares helped me considerably increase my productivity and made working with computers a less irritating feeling. I am not including popular free softwares like firefox, winamp etc. because they are already popular 😉

FOSS (Free and open source software)

Text/Code editor:Notepad++ is a powerful editor with syntax highlighting, tabbed interface, multiple views per window, plug-ins etc.

Image editor: GIMP. every open source geek knows about his software. It has most of the functionalities of Adobe Photoshop.

Audio Editor: Audacity. Powerful cross-platform sound editor

FTP client: FileZilla. Simple and lightweight FTP client

Compression Software: 7-Zip. Better compression ratio than Winzip and Winrar

Free Software

Image viewer: Irfan View. flexible image viewer. Can open most of the image formats.

Rss Feed Reader: GreatNews. Very powerful and user friendly Rss reader.

Disclaimer: I use a P4 with 1GB RAM and all these softwares
work without hassle on my machine. I am just recommending them. Read the system requirements in the software’s home page before trying to install it.