55 ways to have fun with google!

You probably use Google everyday, but do you know… the Google Snake Game? Googledromes? Memecodes? Googlesport? The Google Calculator? Googlepark and Google Weddings? Google hacking, fighting and rhyming? In this book, you’ll find Google-related games, cartoons, oddities, tips, stories and everything else that’s fun. Reading it, you won’t be the same searcher as before! (From the author of Google Blogoscoped.)

Why so much delay in Vista release? MS employee reveals the truth!!

If everything had gone according to plan, I would have been typing this blog on a Windows Vista computer. Alas. Vista’s release has been postponed to 2007. But why so much delay in releasing the software, given the Micorosoft man and mind power. A current employee in MS reveals the truth. Vista being a complicated software is just a part of the reason. But the complicated management team for Vista is the critical delay factor, he says. Read what he says…

Microsoft gives software for Free! Surprised!

I am not talking about the vista beta download. I am talking about Microsoft power toys. Though, micorosft has released it long back for Windows XP, few non techies knew about it. Power toys are softwares developed my Microsoft to add some nice feature to existing components in Windows XP. But these softwares are not supported by Microsoft and hence are not part of service packs. But trust me , they never crashed my system.

Got bored with the old Silver, Blue and Olive themes of Windows XP? Afraid to install any third party themes? Here is a new theme from Microsoft for the Windows XP users. Microsoft Royale theme. But there is a catch. You need to go through the Genuinity check to download this theme.