Configure Dlink router with BSNL Dataone broadband

Setting up a WIFI network with BSNL Dataone ADSL modem is not easy a task. That’s what I learnt after banging my head for a day.  Problem is, its not straight forward, ‘follow the manual to install’ kind of setup. I spent a lot of time digging the Internet to find a work around, however the work around is pretty simple.

I performed this setup on a SmartAx Mt882 ADSL modem (Type 1) provided by BSNL and Dlink DIR-615 WIFI router.


Here either of the following nodes can do the dialing.

1) Laptop/Computer (however this limits the WIFI to only one computer)

2) WIFI router (for some reason Dlink DIR-615 never managed to successfully connect)

3) ADSL modem (this appears to be easy to accomplish and this setup uses automatic dial-in by modem)

If your ADSL modem doesn’t dial-in automatically when started, perform the steps mentioned here . Make sure that you don’t connect the modem to the uplink of the Router. Connect to one of the connecting ports.

Important: the steps mentioned in the link needs you to enter the username in the format username@dataone however it didn’t work for me . When I tried just the ‘username’ it worked. So if one doesn’t work try the other combination.


Also it is very important to set the DHCP settings as follows, so that the IP assigned by DHCP doesn’t conflict with IP of the router.

Now, the WIFI router has to be setup. Since the default IP of the router and the modem are likely to be same (, we need to resolve the conflict. Let the MODEM have IP.

Remove the connection to modem and connect the cable to WIFI router. Laptop should be in dynamic IP mode. Open the browser and type to connect to router. Click setup and make sure the settings look like the following. Make sure the IP is set as ; Make sure to disable DHCP. Let the MODEM take care of DHCP.



Don’t forget to save the settings. The router automatically restarts once you save. after that disable your NIC card on laptop, wait for 20 secs and enable it again. This step helped me to reset the DHCP address on Laptop.

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Yahoo search data will be anonymized after three months.

A week after Microsoft called for all major search engines to anonymize search data after six months, Yahoo said it would keep identifiable search data for only three months.
Currently, Microsoft keeps search data on file for 18 months, while Yahoo keeps it for 13. Google stores data for nine months, before anonymizing it. Microsoft had said it would keep users’ search data for six months, but only if competitors followed its lead. Yahoo, though, did not say its move was dependent on its competitors.
Yahoo did say, however, that “in order to fight fraud and preserve system security” the company would need to keep some data in identifiable form for up to six months.

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Hot off the revelation that Microsoft is no longer interested in acquiring it, search-company Yahoo may be planning to cut as many 3500 jobs by December 10th, mainly in its sales and finance departments. According to an anonymous source who tipped off, “Finance will be cutting 50% of the workforce, engineering 10%, and sales and the rest of G&A [general & administrative] 25%.

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Firefox 3.1 beta out in the wild

beta1 logoThe first beta release of the new Firefox 3.1 browser has arrived. Firefox 3.1, which will land in final form near the beginning of 2009, promises speed improvements, a more refined search bar and support for new and emerging web standards. The browser will also contain a slew of small features that didn’t make the cut in Firefox 3.0.

The most obvious improvement in the Firefox 3.1 UI is the new tab switching behavior. The tab switcher now offers a page preview, which makes finding the tab you’re looking for somewhat easier. To see it in action, hit the keyboard shortcut Alt-Tab (Ctrl-Tab on the Mac).

tab switcher

courtesy: Webmonkey

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Advertise your website on other sites for free

There are millions of websites in Internet. But not all the website authors are rich enough to spend money on advertising their site. Spottt is a simple and straight forward service that enables such website owners to advertise on each others site for free. “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” kind of approach.This free service, with no strings attached is offered from Adbrite. Adbrite, similar to Google adsense, provides commercial advertisement publishing service

Every time your site shows someone else’s ad, you earn 3 credits. When you earn 4 credits, your ad will be shown on someone else’s site once. You can log in at any time to check your current balance.

All you need to do is register for a free account. Upload a 125px X 125px picture depicting your website. This picture will be flashed in other Spottt members’s page. the picture can be anything form just snapshot of your homepage to custom designed.

The Spottt ads are placed above the fold, at least 850 pixels. Only one Spottt ad per page is allowed

Spottt also has a feature to automatically post the Java script in your blog, if you feel editing the template is a menace.

This blog has a Spottt unit on the right sidebar. Below is the video of a Spottt developer explaining the concept.

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