Universities wiping out trees in the name of project record.

Cut trees for project record
Cut trees for project record
Every year lakhs of student in India religiously perform a task , vital for the graduation, called Project submission, The evidence for project submission is the project record. Typically A hard bound notebook of bonded A4 paper with water mark of the student registration no.. Contents are printed typically on one side of the pages. Students of Computer science , who writes program solely to be executed on the computer, also has to print the program and submit the project record. Except for few premier institutions that have upgraded themselves to the digital age , most of the colleges are still stuck in the 90’s practice.

Couple of years back, Indian railways allowed its passenger to board train by showing digital copy of the ticket instead of printout. Reason, was every day 3 lakh sheets were printed for etickets. This number, has considerably come down by allowing digital copies.

I did a rough calculation, which I have shared below. Every year Indian universities and colleges wipe out 50000+ trees for a process which doesn’t have direct benefit to either Students or faculties. Did you ever touch your record note book after you submitted your project?

There are other serious side effects in using a project record

  • Projects cannot be searched. if a student wants to find out any earlier work on his/her current project, it is extremely difficult to do it now.
  • Universities cannot verify fake or duplicate projects, since it is not searchable.

Better alternative.

  • AICTE or University should mandate that all college projects should be submitted as digital copy in a prescribed template instead of paper records.
  • A central database where students can search and study previous projects.
  • The central database can be used by employers to verify the student’s work.



image courtesy: background image from itc.nl

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